Workstations management

MediaContact – Software for the management of workstations

MediaContact is a software for managing networks of workstations. Use it to manage all company computers through its software distribution, inventory, monitoring and alarm services. Moreover, its data synchronization services can input secure, centralized information to managed devices.



1) Manage a few to thousands of workstations 

MediaContact offers Device Management services. Use it to control, monitor and secure client workstations from a single centralized interface. You can also use it to define user profiles in the managed network corresponding to various administration levels.

2) Managing configurations

Use MediaContact to carry out hardware and software inventories and install and update software programs and patches. It monitors workstations, sends alarms in the event of a malfunction or deviation and automatically triggers actions when necessary. It keeps a log of all actions taken and offers APIs to extract this information.


  • Remote distribution of software, applications, updates, patches, etc.
  • Hardware and software inventories 
  • Defining monitoring levels to inspect the state of workstations
  • Monitoring system events (connections, log of events, network levels, etc.)
  • Sending alarms in the event of a malfunction or deviation
  • Optimization of communications for the management of remote workstations
  • Differential or real-time synchronization of all types of files and tree structures