Retail – POS management

MediaContact – Software for managing POS network devices

MediaContact supports the digitization of POS networks (Retail) through its data synchronization and administration functions for all devices present in points of sale: back-office servers, POS devices, interactive devices, digital signage screens, etc. Moreover, MediaContact manages mobile devices used in Retail, whether they are mobile devices for the management of shelves, supplies and warehouses, or tablets (sales tools) made available to salespeople.


Synchronize data 

MediaContact offers data synchronization for decentralized architectures and applications. It can be integrated into business applications in order to automate, optimize, secure and track all data exchanges between points of sale and company headquarters.

Manage devices for Points of Sale

MediaContact offers Device Management services. Use it to control, manage and secure in-store devices (back-office server, POS devices, cash desks, scales, mobile devices, tablets, kiosks, self-scanning, etc.) 


  • Synchronization of back-office servers (points of sale <-> headquarters)
  • Administration of POS devices
  • Remote POS distribution of software, applications, updates, patches, etc.
  • Hardware and software inventory of POS devices
  • Monitoring and controlling the state of POS devices (on-line/off-line)
  • Optimization of communications 
  • Differential or real-time synchronization of all types of files and tree structures

Examples of use

  • Centralized collection of sales, receipts, invoices, delivery slips, employee information, etc.
  • Distribution to points of sale of product files, prices, promotions, training materials, product catalogs, multimedia information, etc.
  • Real-time recording of sales and data exchanges for loyalty card management
  • Administration of all POS devices (fixed or mobile) through a single centralized interface
  • Management of devices for the public (embedded tablets)
  • Distribution of files to suppliers and organizations (orders, statistics, etc.)