Telelogos launches clyd

Clyd, a new range of cloud services dedicated to Mobile Device Management.

With clyd, TELELOGOS revolutionizes SMEs fleet management for smartphones and tablets

Telelogos launches clyd, a new range of cloud services dedicated to Mobile Device Management.
Conventional software can be expensive, mostly because of the complexity of its implementation. The recent development of cloud solutions provides SMEs an easy access and use with adapted costs whilst also erasing traditional software deployment difficulties. Available on, clyd is a new range of smartphones and tablets management services, available on the cloud. These services, “also called” Mobile Device Management or MDM services are 100% Cloud-based and configurable by an administrator via an intuitive web interface.

clyd secures Android tablets and smartphones, and iOS devices

1 - clyd Kiosk for Android


clyd Kiosk for Android lets you create from the cloud, locked down areas containing a selection of authorized content for a group of devices. Downloading, installing applications and the configuration of devices can be easily controlled by the administrator. He/She can also choose to secure internet access by setting white/black listed URLs/domains via the clyd private web browser. It provides end-users with a professional and secured environment on their devices.


IT managers can at any time modify this environment to meet the needs of the organization. As soon as an account is created on, the administrator secures their tablets and smartphones in three steps:

  • Installation of clyd app on each Android Tablet or Smartphone.

  • Kiosk configuration and selection of the authorized apps, etc.… on managed Tablets and Smartphones.

  • Kiosk Activation/deployment.

With clyd Kiosk for Android, companies can easily manage fleets of devices intended for mobile field workers, sales reps etc.… or even manage tablets, kiosks, totems in retail, corporate or educational environments.



2 - clyd for iOS

clyd for iOS is a complete Mobile Device Management software solution for Apple devices. It provides everything you need to manage Apple mobile devices (iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, iPod…) via a 100% web based interface. clyd for iOS provides functions such as inventory (software and hardware), the ability to lock the device, erase the password for the device to block installation of applications, and use of Facetime, Siri, YouTube, iTunes, Safari... As for the service clyd Kiosk for Android, an IT manager can at any place and at any time manage its fleet of iOS devices from clyd portal.

Clyd Kiosk

3 strengths of clyd :

  • On demand service
  • Essential features of MDM, tailored for SMEs
  • Cost effective subscriptions
You can try clyd free for 30 days (Test account for 5 Android or iOS devices). The subscription to each service is 2 € / device / month. In 2015, new services (app distribution…) will be added to the clyd services range.