MediaContact : New versions available

MediaContact V5.5 and Media4Display V3 are available.

MediaContact : New versions available

Top new features in MediaContact V5.5: Android client – Kiosk

  • Available in the new Android client (specific transfer, program execution, Wake up on SMS, API)

  • Edit customizable reports with new multi-criteria filters

  • Event Monitoring in "real time" (set scrutinization time by second)

  • Evolution of the kiosk

  • Display the battery level

  • GUI with tabs for easy access to services

  • Shortcut management

  • A screen gathering system information (ID, service status, communication status, connections)


Top new features in Media4Display V3: Interface - Remote Control

  • New GUI design, optimized ergonomics

  • Drag and drop" function to facilitate the movement of media

  • Templates available to facilitate the creation of content

  • Control of screens via a Smartphone or Tablet: a remote control to pilot the remote content

  • Supervision “multi-administrator” via local management function (up to 10 hierarchical levels)

  • Ability to combine data mining and digital signage