MediaContact : new version available

Windows 10 kiosk, Android for Work compatibility, built-in remote control tool for support…MediaContact version 6.1 is available.

Discover MediaContact 6.1 new features  

Secure your Windows 10 tablets and smartphones with MediaContact kiosk

This new version of MediaContact offers the possibility of securing and locking down Windows 10 devices thanks to its kiosk function.
MediaContact's kiosk allows you to create a secured environment where only authorized applications, websites, and documents are available. Installation of the MediaContact kiosk is completely transparent to the end user, preventing misuses and reducing device downtime and helpdesks calls.

Android for Work - Manage your Android for Work devices with MediaContact

This new version of our EMM software is fully compatible with Android for Work.
It for example enables administrators to remotely manage these devices by implementing a kiosk or silently installing applications remotely, overcoming the specificities of the different manufacturers.

Remote control tool

Now integrated into the software, the remote control tool allows administrators to take control of a user's device (tablets, smartphones, PCs ...). Remote control tool will help administrators maintain and troubleshoot  end-user devices, thus reducing drastically the need for on-site intervention.

Your Android device status in real time

With MediaContact 6.1 new features, administrators can now monitor Android devices to know the current operating status by collecting data such as:
  1. Connection, 3G/4G & Wifi reception level
  2. Standby/Wake mode
  3. Turn devices on/off  & stop/start MediaContact
  4. CPU level
  5. Battery level…