MediaContact, a multi-tenant architecture

MediaContact V5 is an application which partitions Multi-tenant environments of administration of mobile device of each client, thus optimizing infrastructure costs.


The "multi-tenant" is a concept that has emerged with SaaS.

The supplier, which provides multiple clients with an application non-multi-tenant, must create a database and run an instance of the application per client. The operation and maintenance of these applications are expensive and uneconomical due to:
  • The number of platforms to manage

  • The under-utilization of each resource

  • The resources needed to implement "N" times to perform update tasks

If the provider implements an application "Multi-tenant," he can use a single shared database and one instance of the application for all clients, whilst providing each customer with a partitioned environment, sealed and secure.
Version 5 of MediaContact is "Multi-tenant." It allows partitioning the environments for mobile terminal management of each client, thus optimizing infrastructure costs. It is more scalable because it allows you to manage a farm of MediaContact application servers. MediaContact allows "hot" and dynamic additions of new servers for failover and/or load balancing functions.