MediaContact 5.5: Mobile Device Management for mobile field workers

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MediaContact 5.5: Mobile Device Management for mobile field workers

Telelogos, a leading French company in the international market for Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) announces the release of version 5.5 of its MediaContact software solution. One of the main new features included in this new version is its compatibility with Android devices. As part of this release, the software editor discusses its strategy and describes how it aims to set itself apart.


The newly released version 5.5 of MediaContact is now available for download from the website of French software editor Telelogos. Managing remote devices (tablets, smartphones, rugged PDAs, laptops, etc…), as well as ensuring that strategic data can be exchanged in a secure manner within companies is possible through Windows operating systems and now through Android. For Telelogos, the choice to develop MediaContact for Android was well justified. According to Yves Clisson, President of Telelogos, “Currently, Android tablets meet all of the requirements expressed by our clients, and to the integration of mobile business applications within the company IT infrastructure.” Integrability within the IS, configuration of the tablet, access to company data, etc..., all contributed to the editor’s decision to focus on Windows and Android platforms. The latest data on corporate use of Android devices confirms this strategy, given that 44% of company employees foresee the adoption of Android tablets within the company during the coming year, according to IDG.


With MediaContact software, Telelogos sets itself apart from the competition by offering a unique solution designed for mobile field workers, i.e., those who need mobile equipment for their professional activities. "We decided to develop MediaContact to meet the needs of these mobile technicians, logistics providers, sales forces, and other personnel for whom mobility is inherent to their day-to-day work," explained Yves Clisson. Such traveling workers have a variety of demands, depending on their daily tasks: transporters need to enter delivery slips, maintenance technicians need to issue estimates, sales reps need to use tablets to present products, etc... All of these activities would rely on applications installed on the mobile worker’s device that require synchronization processes for data—often strategic data—with centralized databases. This is why devices always need to be in perfect working order and need to remain connected to the company’s information system. To meet this need, MediaContact handles the exchanges of business data between devices and the company’s headquarters. The IT Department is able to use a console based on the ITIL model (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) to remotely administer the mobile devices, ensure their security (for example, using the Kiosk function), and push out updates to business applications. The software makes it possible to manage the acquisition of data from sources specific to different industries, such as RFID in the logistics sector, bar code reading in retail, etc…


According to a recent study published by market research firm IDC, the number of employees performing work activities outside the company will reach 1.3 billion by the year 2015 (37.2% of the world’s labor force).