2012 – New version MediaContact 5.6

2012 has been marked by the release of the latest version of MediaContact and two important new references in MDM: ERDF and Casino – C CHEZ VOUS

New version MediaContact 5.6

2012 has been notably marked by the release of the latest version of MediaContact, V 5.6, and two important new references in Mobile Device Management: ERDF and Casino – C CHEZ VOUS. As we approach the end of this year, here is an overview of the new features of MediaContact version 5.6, and a look at some of the main features that justify its success today... 
The new version 5.6 of MediaContact is characterized by its compatibility with Windows 8 mobile devices. However, the main improvements concern the introduction of Android device management with the following new features: 
  • OrdinateurSoftware and hardware inventory

  • Kiosk (secure and controlled environment for smartphones and tablets) allowing access to a list of authorized applications for the user

  • Password management (minimum length, letters/numbers, number of attempts to enter...)

  • Detection of "rooted" terminals with triggered actions (data wiping, reboot, password change...)

  • Detection of SIM card change

  • Reset to factory default settings

  • Enable / Disable Wi-Fi or 3G

  • SQL Lite database synchronization

  • Management of local files on device (copy, rename, delete ...)

  • Log consultation improvements


Focus on MediaContact’s strengths

1) A unique feature: The Kiosk

A real portal to secure access to business applications; this feature is available in MediaContact, and allows securing and restriction on mobile devices for workers within the company.

2) An ergonomic and functional interface 

Based on ITIL model (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), the administration console allows dashboard customization and different views based on selected criteria. The new MediaContact console facilitates and optimizes mobile fleet management for Help Desk services.

Dekra“It is easier to manage our fleet of devices thanks to MediaContact’s new console and the granularity of the software application.” - Gilles Croizat - Head of Information Systems - Work station tools and automation at Dekra Industrial


3) A 2 in 1 Software: 

C chez vousThe coupling of MAM (Mobile Application Management) and MDM – in addition to features offered by traditional MDM software, MediaContact allows installation, deployment and updates of business applications on mobile devices.

“The MDM and MAM features of MediaContact make it easier to manage a fleet of devices and MediaContact allows us to continuously monitor activities and react very quickly.” - Benjamin Brun, with the Support and Development Division of Easydis - C Chez Vous (Casino Group)


4) Powerful technology for data synchronization

ERDFMediaContact includes synchronization and data exchange technology between mobile applications and the information system of the company. This technology is used in MediaTransfer too, a data synchronization software, designed to automate and secure data exchanges between data outlets.

"The first large deployment of automatic updates of applications via MediaContact was successful." Michel Torrelli - Operational Pilot Project GIMI (20,000 mobile devices for ERDF) 


5) An ability to manage large fleets of heterogeneous mobile devices

"MediaContact ability to support fleets of thousands of heterogeneous mobile devices, both from a technical point of view (multi-server architecture: load balancing, active-active cluster) and functional (processing in bulk: pre-inscriptions, auto-reporting ...), is part of the criteria that determined our choice." Michel Torrelli - Operational Pilot Project GIMI