MediaContact for iOS

MediaContact for iOS is an Enterprise Mobility Management software application for iOS devices: iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod Touch.

MediaContact for iOS is an Enterprise Mobility Management Software application dedicated to Apple devices. It configures and manages iOS devices for corporate use. MediaContact for iOS is based on the Apple MDM protocol and does not require client installation on administered tablets or smartphones. Accessible from a web interface, MediaContact for iOS software is also available as a licensed version (On Premise). It also includes a fully cloud-based version (SaaS) called CLYD.

Remote commands

The device administrator can perform remote actions:

  • Lock the device
  • Reset the device to the original configuration
  • Change the device password

Device configuration

Use MediaContact for iOS to define configuration profiles and apply
access controls to:

  • Block the installation of apps
  • Block the use of iTunes Store
  • Block YouTube, Safari, FaceTime, etc.

In the definition of profiles, you can also define settings to apply to devices such as: 
Mail system

  • Configure ActiveSync
  • Configure the synchronization of the contact base (CardDAV)
  • Configure the synchronization of the calendar (CalDAV)
  • Configure the IMAP/POP clients
  • Configure subscriptions (calendar)
  • Configure access to external contacts (LDAP)

Shortcuts (Web Clips)

  • Generate a shortcut to the URL of an application or web link


  • Configure the WiFi
  • Configure access to cellular networks
  • Configure the Proxies

Device security

MediaContact for iOS lets the administrator control access to the device and web. He/she can define a policy for managing passwords and URL lists (Blacklists/Whitelists). 

Apple Configurator Provisioning

The administrator has the ability to configure and push profiles through an XML file from the Apple Configurator utility.

Mobile Application Management

MediaContact for iOS manages both applications from the Apple Store (free or paid) and private business applications (In House).
It can thus install, update or uninstall any application.
The software also provides the opportunity to create a folder of mandatory applications for devices, giving users access to applications they need for their job.
MediaContact for iOS also includes a connector with the "Volume Purchase Program", for the mass purchasing and installation of software rights for a fleet of devices.

Application kiosk (Retail Mode/Single App Mode)

Use MediaContact for iOS to launch a single application in full-screen mode, and prevent the user from accessing other applications or the device's settings.
The administrator thus ensures the device security. This is particularly necessary in the area of Retail when the device is used as an interactive device or as an additional cash desk. This application kiosk is also useful to employees on the move using a single business application.

Alarm messages

Through the MediaContact for iOS web interface, the administrator has access to a dashboard breaking down the status of:
  • Configuration profiles
  • APNs certificates
  • VPP tokens 

Software and hardware tracking

MediaContact for iOS lets you monitor the state of administered devices: hardware or software information and also the applied configuration profiles.