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Enterprise Mobility Management

The MediaContact solution is a software for managing mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, rugged devices, etc.) MediaContact includes Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Content Management (MCM) functions
MediaContact is an Enterprise Mobility Management Software Application. It includes Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Content Management (MCM) functions. This turnkey solution simplifies management tasks and ensures the security of mobile devices and their data.
MediaContact is dedicated to companies that manage and synchronize business applications embedded in mobile devices year-round, 24/7.
MediaContact manages remote devices (laptop PCs, smartphones, tablets, rugged devices, embedded devices) running in Windows, Windows Mobile or Android.
MediaContact is a centralized platform grouping together all services required for the administration of remote devices and the synchronization of their data: 

Mobile Device Management
Device management

Application kiosk MediaContact Telelogos

Application kiosk

Management of authorized applications for the user, tablet and smartphone locking. Secure browser

inventories MediaContact Telelogos


Hardware, software, registry keys, etc.

Monitoring MediaContact Telelogos


Monitoring the proper operation of a device, sending alarms in the event of an anomaly

Provisioning MediaContact Telelogos


Password, access control, blocking functions, setting up connections

Geolocation MediaContact Telelogos

On-going or one-off geolocation of managed devices, displaying maps of geolocation readings

Mobile Application Management
App management

remote distribution MediaContact Telelogos

Remote distribution 

Installation and updating of business applications, software, programs, executable files, service packs, etc.

business data MediaContact Telelogos
Business data

Real-time or planned sequencing of data flows (sending and receiving files, synchronizing files and SQL)

protecting business applications MediaContact Telelogos

Updating and protecting business applications and their data

data backups MediaContact Telelogos
Data backups 

Applications, office automation data, etc.

Mobile Content Management
Content management

Document repository synchronization

Full differential synchronization of files and folders

Kiosk features

Secure user environment, restricted access to authorized data
MediaContact manages embedded strategic applications for: 
Field workers (outdoor):
  • Installation, maintenance technicians, etc. (work force)
  • Sales representatives, merchandisers, etc. (sales force)
  • Delivery drivers
  • Auditors, inspectors, etc.
  • Healthcare professionals, home care givers, etc.
On-site employees (indoor) using mobile devices:
  • POS salespeople/office-based sales representatives
  • Platform logistics specialists
  • Agency personnel
  • Healthcare facility staff
These applications help these "blue-collar" or "gray-collar" employees do their job. They often run in stand-alone mode on a device and can be used without a continuous connection to the company's server. MediaContact ensures the proper operation of every device and handles data synchronization (off-line and/or real-time mode).

MediaContact  for Windows
MediaContact for Android


Field of use

Technical Activities
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Healthcare Activities
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Sales and Marketing Activities
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