MediaContact for Android

A full Enterprise Mobility Management suite for Android mobile devices

MediaContact is a full Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) suite. It supports Android devices such as tablets and smartphones. You can then manage and synchronize these devices for corporate use.

Remote actions

MediaContact has a centralized platform for planning, distributing and automatically running actions in a fleet of remote devices:

  • Lock the device
  • Restore the device to its factory settings (Wipe)
  • Reset the device password
  • Reconnect the device to the server
  • Remotely control the device*
  • Reboot the device
  • Silently install and update apps

Device configuration

MediaContact lets you define the settings to apply for devices

Network access

  • Configure WiFi access*
  • Configure access to a cellular network
  • Configure an HTTP Proxy


  • Configure Exchange ActiveSync


  • Activate / deactivate an app*

Tablet and smartphone security

MediaContact has a provisioning** function, ensuring the security of the device and controlling its Internet access.

  • Password Policy
  • Actions if the device is routed by the user
  • Block the USB ports*
  • Block the use of buttons*
  • Filter web access (kiosk function)*

**(auto-assigning settings to remote devices)

Mobile Application Management

MediaContact lets you manage your business applications. It installs, updates and uninstalls applications.
Within the kiosk, MediaContact lets you create a catalog of mandatory applications for users.

Kiosk or Device Lockdown

MediaContact lets you define an application kiosk that will always be in the foreground.
The administrator determines the applications authorized in this kiosk. Users can only use the authorized applications. They cannot access the system and therefore cannot change its settings.


Use MediaContact to relay hardware and software information and the properties of files installed on devices to a central database.

Alarms and monitoring

MediaContact can generate alarms for every device (routed device, change of SIM card, etc.). These alarms appear on a centralized dashboard and can also be sent to a fleet administrator by email.

Data synchronization

Use MediaContact to:
  • Synchronize tree structures and files in differential mode
  • Send / receive files
  • Synchronize potentially heterogeneous databases


Use MediaContact to geolocate devices; configure it for periods of time or between certain hours.
Relay data to the server to view positions and routes on the graphic interface of the console (map). Export the data too (API).
The administrator can trigger one-off geolocations, for example if a device is stolen or lost.
In order to comply with the local legislation in force, a device's user can disable the geolocation option.

* Function available for signed devices