Management software for remote devices

MediaContact – Management software for remote devices

MediaContact is a software for managing remote devices (PCs, laptop PCs, tablets, servers, POS devices, etc.) running in Windows, Windows Embedded, Windows Mobile, Android or iOS. 
Use MediaContact to technically manage client devices, business applications and data.

MediaContact is a centralized platform, grouping together all services required for the management of remote devices and their data: 

IS inventory MediaContact Telelogos
IS inventory

Hardware, software, registry keys, etc.

Monitoring MediaContact Telelogos

Monitoring the proper operation of devices, triggering actions, sending alarms, geolocating devices

Provisioning MediaContact Telelogos

Password, access control, blocking functions, setting up connections

Remote devices security MediaContact Telelogos
Remote devices security

Kiosk, management of applications authorized for users

Distribution of software, business application, programs MediaContact Telelogos

Distribution of software, business applications, programs, executable files, service packs (patches), etc.

Business data MediaContact Telelogos
Business data

Management and automation of business data flows (sending and receiving files, synchronizing databases, tree structures and files)

Protecting business applications and data MediaContact Telelogos

Protecting business applications and their data

Data backups MediaContact Telelogos
Data backups

Office automation and application data

Automation, optimization, security and traceability of data exchanges MediaContact Telelogos

Automation, optimization, security and traceability of data exchanges


synchronization of document repositories
Synchronization of document repositories

(product catalogs, technical documentation, procedures, etc.)

Secured workspaces
Creation of secure workspaces

Access to authorized documents
MediaContact software:
  • is for companies that manage and synchronize networks of remote devices year-round, 24/7
  • is specifically optimized for networks with all sizes and all types of remote devices, through its reduced bandwidth use
  • optimizes operating costs, by requiring only a reduced infrastructure (a MediaContact server can manage thousands of devices)

MediaContact was designed for networks of:
  • Points of sale (Retail) and agencies
  • Workstations
  • Connected objects, IoT (Internet of Things), M2M (Machine to Machine)

Field of use: 

Retail – POS management
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Workstations management
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Embedded system Management
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