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MediaContact, Enterprise Mobility Management software, control of mobile devices and applications, automation of data exchanges with sales teams

MediaContact is a software for managing tablets, smartphones and laptop PCs. Use it to control devices, applications and their data to support employees in these business sectors.

MediaContact manages strategic applications embedded in mobile devices, in particular: 
Field workers (outdoor):
  • Sales representatives, merchandisers, etc. (sales force)
  • Auditors
On-site employees (indoor):
  • POS salespeople/office-based sales representatives
  • Agency personnel


Secure, maintain and update devices and their applications

MediaContact lets you secure and manage mobile devices (laptop PCs, tablets, smartphones, rugged devices, etc.). For example, MediaContact EMM software can silently update devices and business applications.

Automate and optimize data exchanges with sales teams

MediaContact offers data synchronization services for decentralized architectures and applications. It can be integrated into business applications in order to automate, track and secure all types of data exchanges (application, office automation, multimedia data, etc.).


  • Provisioning
  • Deployment of business applications
  • Differential synchronization of files, tree structures, databases, messaging systems, etc.
  • Remote distribution of OS (patches) and application updates (public or private/In House applications), version monitoring
  • Hardware and software inventories
  • Remote control/troubleshooting of devices 
  • Monitoring networks and connections, battery, memory and CPU usage, etc.
  • Centralized backups and data restoration
  • Monitoring the good working condition of devices
  • Device geolocation

Examples of use

Use MediaContact to manage mobile devices and synchronize data, for example:
  • Synchronizing sales books or sales pitches for sales representatives
  • Relaying data entered by an auditor on a device
  • Real-time monitoring of field actions (sending and centralizing service reports, etc.)
  • Shelf monitoring (merchandising)
  • Managing tablets in kiosk mode for customers or salespeople in a POS network (Retail)
  • Updating customer information in a company's CRM system
  • Providing multimedia content on the tablet of a salesperson/advisor in a POS or agency, etc.


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